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Sabbatical Part 1: Finding Elevation in the Sierra Nevadas

          Note: This article first appeared in the Charleston Mercury. It is reprinted with permission. The canyon of the Middle Fork of the Kings River in the Sierra Nevada is—to put it simply—magnificent. A world to … Continue reading

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“The Fire, Lord, Not the Junk Heap.” A Lenten Reflection from Bishop Mark Lawrence

The famous radio personality and early pioneer of television, Arthur Godfrey, grew up in an era very different from today. It was a time when a boy could wander down to the blacksmith shop on a lazy afternoon and watch … Continue reading

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Peace: Here and Now – An Ash Wednesday Reflection

The words in the Ash Wednesday “Invitation” in the 1979 American Book of Common Prayer are often cited: “I invite you, therefore, in the name of the Church, to the observance of a holy Lent….” I have read them every … Continue reading

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Grateful for Ruling; Most Grateful for God’s Grace

Dear People of God in the Diocese of South Carolina, “I do not cease to give thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers….”(Ephesians 1:16) My last letter to you was shortly after we finished the three-week trial in St. … Continue reading

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Bishop Lawrence Writes Diocese Following Trial

July 27, 2014 St. George, Utah Dear Friends in Christ, “… suffering produces endurance and endurance produces hope and hope does not disappoint us for the love of God has been poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit….” Romans … Continue reading

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Mice in the Palace — Sin in the Heart

I read once — but cannot remember where — a children’s story of a king who had an infestation of mice in his palace.  He went to his counselors who advised him to hire some cats.  Soon the cats cleared … Continue reading

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Stepping from the Stable to the Jordan

How quickly they disappear—the greens, the wreaths, the poinsettias. Gone. Another Christmas comes and goes. For some it was sad and lonely. For others it was bright, joyous, even unforgettable—and yet all too short lived. Now in one short step … Continue reading

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Herod’s Christmas Story (After the Slaughter of the Innocents)

     You no doubt expect to hear the whole story—and certainly I will give you a complete account of what happened. But I hope you will first permit me a personal word about my time here with you in … Continue reading

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Mabel’s Christmas Letter

I’m not foolish, just old—which is why I laughed like a loon when the Reverend Lawrence asked me to write a Christmas Letter to all of you at the church. Of course, after I stopped laughing I told him, “No—I … Continue reading

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Marsabit – October 28, 2013, Journal Entry

While the Imam’s call to prayer sounded earlier just below my full consciousness, it was the buzzing of a thick-bodied Wood Boring Bee that finally awakened me and ushered me into the various morning sounds of Marsabit—bird songs, cock crows, … Continue reading

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